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Re: New Shock challenge

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:00 am
by jeremy

Re: New Shock challenge. Contribution Car id 798

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:25 pm
by rondo1974
My contribution, Car id 798
Price 11300 without any upgrades. Fully upgraded 65300 (without any upgrades on the angle shocks as that only make them worse)

I have tested the car on most of the maps regular mode with level restrictions without changing any of the settings and here is the results.

Map 1
Lane Number:
1) 1 place
2) 1 place
3) 2 place
4) 2 place
5) 1 place
6) 1 place and new record time 50,64
7) 3 place rd first try
8) 3 place a few tries
9) 2 place second try.
10) To heavy for map 10 but with a lot of luck you can do good time there to.
11) To heavy, leaves no room for error but with no mistakes you can do good time.
12) Work ok but to do good time you must do everything perfect, no room for error.

Map 2:
Works ok but to heavy and frustrating to use as it leaves absolutely no room for error. But it is possible to do good times if you are lucky.

In general the car works ok but to heavy because of the exstra beams needed and to bouncy compared to conventional chocks. Upgrading the angle shock only make the bounciness worse.

NB off topic ! I use only one car for all the lanes in the entire game and get first place and supercup with it :) The id is 464 and it works best with size 2 wheels not the bigger ones it is saved with.