Using replacement skins

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Using replacement skins

Postby Wulf 359 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 4:55 am

If you do not yet know how to design skins for DCR 2, please read the basic guide at viewtopic.php?f=20&t=370 first. Also remember that changing skins does not affect any of the operation of the vehicles they are used on. This is a cosmetic change only.

To keep track of the skins you designed, or ones other people have designed, it is helpful, but not necessary, to collect them all in one place. If you wish, you may even go so far as to have them sorted by type; driver parts, wheels, seats, and so on.

To use the skins that other players have posted on this forum, you need to download them to your computer first. How you do this depends on your browser.

To change any of the skins, go to the vehicle design screen, and select the part you wish to change the look of. Be aware, if you are using a custom skin, setting the color might no longer be possible or might have unexpected results.

To change the driver's look, select the seat; there are 2 buttons there to select the seat skin or character skin. Each driver has a total of 6 parts to obtain the completed image. If your design does not make use of all 6 parts, you must remember to include a transparent piece of the exact pixel size needed for that part. The order of the skins for the driver, from top to bottom (in case they are blank) is head, torso (body), shoulder (upper arm), wrist (lower arm and hand), haunch (thigh), and calf (lower leg and foot).

To change the frame, you have to select each frame piece you wish to change. There is currently no way to change all of the frame pieces at once past the default color. The frame's default color can be adjusted in the lower right corner of the vehicle design window.

The wheels have to be changed individually as well, but that allows a greater degree of customization.

There is also no way to change the skins on the engines, wings, turbines, angle locks, or angle shocks.

As you unlock more and more cars, the driver and parts skins for that car become available to use on any other cars you design or use.

Good luck with your designs, and have fun. :D

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