Can no longer edit Cars

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Re: Can no longer edit Cars

Postby Wulf 359 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 2:11 am

danieldorais wrote:
Wulf 359 wrote:A similar problem happens to me sometimes, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. At first I thought it might be because of a large number of parts on the car (first appeared on my worm car design), but it has happened on cars with a minimal number of parts as well as on editing cars in DCR 2.

Basically what happens is the game will allow purchase of an additional part (or parts) but the new part is frozen in place where ever it happens to land on the screen. When I am working on design, usually zoomed in to show the car as close as I can, and the part is usually offscreen to lower left of where the car is. Also, unlike usual, when you can click and hold and move either the part or in the case of frame pieces, one end, the game does not even allow that.

The part freezes because a different part is hyperextended. These parts show up in red when trying to move anything. If its really frozen, hit play, go back and try to adjust the problem part before continuing.

Will try to see if that is the case on these if it happens again. TY.

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