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Annoying Restrictions on multiplayer

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:30 pm
by Kohlenstoff
Many people tend to build their track around their own cars and create enormous lists of restrictions to prevent, that others build better ones. If others win, the map disappears and comes back with even more restrictions. :evil:

When i read more than 4 Points in the list, i don't continue anymore. Where is the fun, when a list tells:

Wheels min 2 max 2
Frames min 2 max 3
Engines max 1
Wings min 1
Turbine min 1
Shock absorbers max 2
weight 20 or 50
age 10
radioactivity 5-7
blah blah blah 12,488
fu** it 54654dfdgh

Good example is this track, the restriction list is longer than my game window :lol: ... oomid=1217

The most time im busy creating a car, which matches the list and is also able to drive somehow. Often i have to ad the actually surplus minimum parts just "somehwere". That is not really fun.

My opinion is. that it would be better to make one of following changes.

A: Make a filter to filter out any map, which has more than the Anti-Air part restrictions.
B: Limit the restrictions to 4 points. It should be more than enough to allow 4 positions of restrictions and maybe a maximum amount of money.

What do the others think about this?

Re: Annoying Restrictions on multiplayer

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:09 am
by danieldorais
I like the filter idea, but I dont think limiting restrictions is really necessary, what about pump races?

Re: Annoying Restrictions on multiplayer

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:59 am
by Kohlenstoff
@DanielDorais: I don't know the term pump race, but i think its a kind of limited fuel. I like sparse and effective restrictions on some aspects. I had real fun on 2Sounds Gravity challenges. Only thing i dislike is, when the list becomes too long and makes the race literally to a single lego box without picture of the (already well defined and thus almost unevitable) outcome. Then it would be better to let all race the same car. But this is my opinion, thats, why i suggested also the filter.

I made a "Save Fuel" Map which only has to restrict you to only the basic parts at low levels.
If I didn't do so, they might win easily.

When i wanted to build a safe fuel map, i would reduce refueling amount and frequency and maybe the max. tank size in the map instead of limiting every aspect of the cars. And i would not even think about to make a minimum requirement for anything.

Something about Kohlenstoff seems to be fishy. I don't think that I can make ******* levels for public anymore (just for him).

The probability is high, that you wasted more time on the restriction list, than on the (completely flat) level itself.

That atachment shows, what i see. I cannot scroll or close this and even the visible part is ridiculous.

Re: Annoying Restrictions on multiplayer

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:23 am
by danieldorais
By pump level I meant no engines, just gravity to go down. Peixe made a good gravity track in dcr2 and called it pump track so I used the term also.