Tips and Tricks for Building Great Cars

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Tips and Tricks for Building Great Cars

Postby niciscool9 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:44 pm

Heres some tips to remember that will help you build better cars. (These are for beginners to understand the basics of car building, plus some more advanced tips.)

-When you come up with an idea for a car or bike or whatever you think you can build, lay out where you want the wheels to be in relation to the driver.
-Build a basic frame/body that will be able to connect with the suspension, which will connect to the wheels. Make it AS STRONG AS POSSIBLE to avoid a bouncy suspension. No skinny triangles, only fat ones. Upgrade the frame length if you need to. Make sure there are points for the springs and a control arm for each wheel. (A control arm is a frame piece that connects the wheel to the body of the car. It guides the wheel in an arc, so the wheel will stay where it needs to be.)
-Add the springs and control arms. Make sure the control arm on each wheel is somewhat horizontal, so the wheel goes up and down instead of left and right. It is better if the control arm is as long as possible, for maximum suspension articulation.
-Add an engine or two (or more, if you have the full version) to the body of the car. Connect the engine(s) and the wheels with chains. You may need to use more than one chain per wheel if the engine and wheel are far away from each other.
-Upgrade the components of your car as much as possible.

At this point, you can take you car for a test drive to check that the suspension works well. Take note of any problem with the suspension (wheel popping up, springs too soft, etc.) or the body of the car (body is bending, triangles inverting, etc.).
When you are done testing, fix any problems you had turing the test. Degrade the car components that you didn't really need to upgrade the ones you did need (or if you're rich enough, just upgrade everything to the max). Reinforce parts of the body that were bending, tune the suspension, tune the engine(s), and whatever else you need to do.

Repeat the trial and error process until you are satisfied with the result.

You now have a pretty good basic car. Make it look nice (add some color!), and publish it if you want.

Now, if you want to make a REALLY great car, try using these tips:

-Make the center of gravity as low as possible, so your car can climb hills with ease. Do this by putting the engines and driver as low as possible.
-If your car has 4 or more wheels, and not as many engines, connect the engines to alternating wheels. For example, lets say you have 4 wheels and 2 engines. If your wheels were numbered from left to right, one engine would connect to wheels 1 and 3. The other engine would connect to wheels 2 and 4. This helps distribute the power to the wheels evenly, to take advantage of as much engine power as possible. You really will notice a difference.
-Make the car as big as possible, as light as possible, and as powerful as possible. Making it big will help it get over obstacles. Making it light will help it get up hills, and increase the power to weight ratio. Making it powerful helps with everything, kind of.
-Want to make your car look pretty? Add more stuff onto the frame to make it look how you want (you need to reinforce this too). Try changing the skin on the frames in the middle of the car to the "engine frame" and replace the frames on the outside so that they are in front of the frames in the middle. This will make the outline of your car very clear (not literally clear) and it will look great.

Thats all I can think of. Feel free to ask questions or post more tips and tricks.
-niciscool9 :)

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