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non-retina graphics

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:02 pm
by ploki
for some reason, EVO won't render at retina resolution while 1 and 2 do

edit: blow me, 2 doesn't render at retina resolution either, only 1 does.

Re: non-retina graphics

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:58 pm
by danieldorais
I'm assuming you're playing on a mac. Try updating your graphics drivers. I don't think any dcr was rendered in 4k (and especially not 5k) resolution, and playing nonnative resolution could be the problem.

Re: non-retina graphics

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:25 pm
by ploki

DCR1 works in retina mode (looks sharp), but DCR2 and EVO don't.

Re: non-retina graphics

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:22 am
by Ethanlol72781
Think about the retina is smooth or not.