Game physics at the limit (Heavy car)

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Game physics at the limit (Heavy car)

Postby Kohlenstoff » Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:55 pm

Almost every game physics has limits and i like to discover them. This car is one of the heaviest possible 2 wheel car to drive on solid ground under race conditions. Despite its really small size it consists of 110 Parts. Most of them are Frames (all with extra weight 10) and Shock absorbers. Of course this is not cheap. It costs more than 15 million, when fully upgraded.

But on bridges and objects it gets already stuck because its too heavy for them. The suspension is on the limits, but does still its work. The time and way to stop this car is really long, so it has virtually no brakes. Hills become mountains and even the turbo gives not much speed.

When this car stands it throws still dirt up in the air. When it drives in curves, it behaves almost as a fluid and becomes really flat. But it gets not damaged.

This car is definitly at the limits. But it can still drive in some circumstances under race conditions.... but winning a race,.. maybe downhill :twisted: .
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