Drivetrain of cars

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Drivetrain of cars

Postby qwertyuiop0987 » Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:59 am

Here, I will show you drivetrains and their specific purposes

Best for all smooth tracks, albeit the weakest drivetrain.

Like FF, but better at slightly rocky roads (i.e. Highlands). A little more powerful.

Like above, except does worse in offroad courses than FF. Better than FF.

Does a near 10% efficiency under offroad conditions due to shifted weight to the rear. Most powerful drivetrain.
Note that I stiffened the rear suspension slightly in the rear.

Like FF, but a tiny fraction better on power and offroad. Uncommon.

Like RR, but about 25% more efficient than RR offroad. Uncommon.

Good offroad car, even weight distribution and weak drivetrain.
Note that in F4 and R4 drivetrains that instead of V8, the engine is V10.

Also good offroad car, weight on the rear and better than F4.

Hope you liked this. :)

P.S. I used a Honda civic replica to demonstrate.
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