Building Tips

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Building Tips

Postby jeremy » Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:07 pm

Firstly, I want to point out. This is what normally works for me. But there are plenty of great cars that do not do this.

Use the grid in the background to keep the frame straight and spaced evenly.
symmetrical cars tend to get higher ratings.

You want to keep your car as light and as rigid as possible.
Use as few fame parts as possible.
Acute triangles give best results.
With bigger cars, sometimes you have to make extra connections to keep the frame from collapsing

If you hear a taping noise while going over bumps, then your frame is hitting the ground. This causes a loss of momentum.
Use higher tire pressure and a harder suspension to combat this.
Reducing the shock travel will help as well.
Keep in mind though; if your suspension is too stiff, the car will become bouncy causing a loss of traction.
A good way to trouble shoot this, is by using boost at 500m on Dawn. If your car bottoms out at the apex of the dip, make the suspension stiffer.

Set up your engines for top speed, this will maximize the efficiency of the boost.
I try to use one engine per wheel, two level 8 engines work better than one level 16 engine.
If you use your engine to connect the tires to the frame, it will also make your car more bouncy.

Wings work best at the rear and center of the car. Having wings in front of the center of gravity will make the car harder to control at high speeds

Try to keep the wheels at the furthest most edge of the car (just past the bumpers). This helps keep the car from flipping over while landing on its nose. It also helps to keep the frame from breaking.

Use your imagination

Lastly, don't worry about ratings. Sometimes people are assholes. Don't let them ruin the game for you, just have fun.

I hope this helps ;)

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Re: Building Tips

Postby danieldorais » Sat Dec 13, 2014 9:28 pm

Thanks for the great tips!
Been playin this a while now and I still learned new stuff after reading this

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