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Mode selection

Postby Wulf 359 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:10 am

At the level selection screen, you can select one of three different modes you can play the game in. Progress in one does not affect progress in the others, with the exception of unlocking the levels in Normal mode.

Normal (Tasks, Part Restrictions)
- There are a total of 4 different accomplishments, or tasks, you can achieve for each level. Finishing the race in last place negates any task award for that particular race. The reward is only awarded when first completing the specific achievement for each map level.
- First one is an award of coins and unlocking the next level for finishing the race at a certain place or better.
- The middle 2 achievements vary from performing a certain stunt a specific number of times to finishing in a certain position. Some of these are strictly a coin award, while some also have the added benefit of unlocking a certain car design.
- The last achievement is always for the Super Cup award for that map. The requirement for getting this reward is completing the map within a certain amount of time.
- All of the above require the vehicle used to certain parts and part level restrictions to be in place. If your current design is above those levels or has those restricted parts, the game will automatically adjust for them, and will show a message at the start of the race letting you know.

No-Fly (No Tasks, No-Fly Restrictions)
- This mode just restricts the use of turbines and wings, but still has a Super Cup achievement. The coin award for this is higher, and the time allotted is less than that in the Normal mode Super Cup.

Fly (No Tasks, No Restrictions)
- This mode has no tasks and no part restrictions. There is also a Super Cup achievement for this mode as well, as with the No-Fly mode, which has a higher coin award, and a lesser time completion than the other modes.

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