User Interface, race

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User Interface, race

Postby Wulf 359 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:33 am

Racing Screen_002.png
Racing Screen_002.png (84.24 KiB) Viewed 4728 times
Race Screen User interface, taken from screen shot of Dream Car Racing 2, which is the intellectual property of RoKo0, and is used for informational purposes only.

Race Timer - shows elapsed time in current race.
Stunts - Stunts successfully performed. Each complete filling of this bar results in a boost level being charged. Any successfully completed stunt results in an S icon appearing near the player's car, along with the name of the stunt performed, and depending on the difficulty of the stunt, more or less of the bar will be filled.
Boost Level - Current boost level, applied to any engine(s) and/or turbine(s) installed on the car. Can reach multiple levels of charge.
Race Position - Your position in the group of racers.
Checkpoint Flags - Shows the point along the race course where you will restart if you crash. The last set of flags passed will be used for this.
Map View - Wire-frame view of the current map, can be used to see if any obstacles are coming. White dot is player's current position, blue dot is player's race position from previous race, and red dots are competitors' positions.
Downgrade Notice - Any pertinent messages will show in this area.
Task Progress - Any tasks not completed (except for Super Cup) will show in this area. A progress bar for each of the incomplete tasks will show here.
Pause Button - Pauses the current race, and opens the game menu, which allows for resuming the race, restarting the current race, return to the player's garage for changes to the car, or a return to the map area for selection of another race area.

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