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Dream Car Racing Evo - Design your own car and drive it!
Dream Car Racing Evo - design your own car and race it game!
Featured Cars:

Bike V-39
Original creator: aom 20
aom 20
Full Price: 917390 c.
W/o upgrades: 18390 c.
Wiesel 1 Mk.20
easy to flip but wanna stick to original layout. hope you understand.
Original creator: Dar37
Full Price: 16723015 c.
W/o upgrades: 13068770 c.
Original creator: lperioux
Full Price: 689480 c.
W/o upgrades: 119080 c.
Coke Rod Proto
might tweak the detail better later.
Original creator: Dar37
Full Price: 1321240 c.
W/o upgrades: 59530 c.
Office Guy
newly hired
Original creator: Dar37
Full Price: 878460 c.
W/o upgrades: 16310 c.

How to disable Ads with the premium account:
Login to the website(top-right) with your username

How to move your progress from the site you've played before:
1) Go to the site you've played before.
2) Save your progress on that site (Main Menu -> Progress -> Save to Server)
3) Load your progress here (Main Menu -> Progress -> Load from Server)

How to compete with someone in the Free Version:
1) Go to Multiplayer (in the top of the webpage)
2) Choose 'Available in the Free Version' mode
3) Choose the room (click on the Room Name)
4) Click 'Race!' (or copy the Race ID and paste it in the main menu of the game)

If you bought the full version but it isn't unlocked:
Just click Progress -> Update Purchases in the main menu of the game
UP, W - Accelerate
DOWN, S - Break
LEFT, A, RIGHT, D - Mid-air control
SPACE - Boost