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-====== Dream Car Racing WIKI ====== ​hhuuggii+====== Dream Car Racing WIKI ====== 
 +Dream Car Racing is an online flash-based racing game with an emphasis on frame geometry and suspension design.
-====== Headline ====== + 
- [[cars|[[Cars]][[[[editor|[[http://example.com|External Link]][[controls|[[promo|Controls]]] +---- 
-==== Edit page ==== + 
-Editing ​page is done by clicking the "Edit this page" button (on right menu in the default template)+**Vehicles** 
-Dream Car Racing 2 - Coming soon to a computer near you. + 
-==== Edit a menu==== +Vehicles are created in the vehicle ​editor ​window. ​ There are 6 options of materials to be used in vehicle creationframe, wheels, engine, shock absorbers, chain, and wing.  With the exception of the chain, all items may be upgraded to varying degrees
-Use this link ([[sidebar]]) ​ + 
- gold:​9999999999+**Levels** 
 +There are many levels in the flash game all with different type of terrain and play style. 
 +You can also play random terrain depending ​on the type of terrain you like
 +There are many challenges in the game such as competing with other players ​to better your score and see who can go faster over duration of time.  
 +**Full Version** 
 +Full version contains more items and also starts ​you off with plenty of more money. You can have wings in the full version and be able to download cars others have created
 +You can share with other players only if you have the full version though but you can upload you car design to the "​browse cars" part of the website. 
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