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Update history

  • 26 Jun. V 1.2.6: New Track Highway is available!
  • 25 Jun. v 1.2.5: Dutch translation is now available! Thanks to Jeroen.
  • 21 Jun. V 1.2.4: The seat belt is now available in the full version.
  • 19 Jun. V 1.2.3: The length of Engines,Shocks and Wings can be upgraded now! - The mass of a car depends on lengths of parts now.
  • 16 Jun. New wiki page is available!
  • 15 Jun. V 1.2.2: Frame length upgrades are now available!
  • 13 Jun. V 1.2.1: Extra Weights are now available!
  • 10 Jun. V 1.2: freely rotating parts are now available!, ability to connect more than 2 shocks to a single pivot point, ability to connect more than 2 chains to a single wheel.
  • 5 Jun. Stretchy shocks are now available!
  • 2 Jun. Wings are now available in the full version!
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